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    What is Counselling on Gender Issues?

    Although undoubtedly a secular subject of interest, the 21st century has brought to the fore of sociological and political landscapes the subjects of gender issues and gender equality. Gay marriage and equality of rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populations brought to the world's attention the need for changes and the elimination of prejudice and discrimination in both society and law.

    Psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals agree that homossexuality isn't a disease, a mental disorder or an emotional problem, backed up by well fundamented research over the last 35 years. However, society still shows discriminatory tendencies and behaviours related to sexual orientation, through homophobic attitudes and prejudice. These manifestations can have highly negative effects on the individuals themselves and on their families, workplaces and/or schools.

    We are specially aware of the important issue of children raised by same-sex parents and the difficulties they still may have to face.

    The Lisbon Clinic of Psychotherapy and Counselling is committed to help our clients to cope with their or their family members' sexual orientation, providing counselling services by specialized professionals.

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